About Mining Hosting

Miners are in the business of investing in equipment, and getting the results. Not always in managing a location to run the operations. Taking care of the location, cooling and air ventilation, electricity consumption (usually a lot, and definitely more than what a standard electricity provision even in an industrial facility would be able to handle), security, internet connectivity, firewalls, wallets, technical configurations, and all the other elements that come with it.

We therefore provide the possibility for investors that buy mining equipment, to host it for you and manage it on an ongoing basis so that you can focus on investing instead of running an environment. We do this success fee based by allocating a small percentage of the net mining results as compensation for our management of your environment.

What is mining hosting?

Instead of you looking for a facility, we provide you with:

  • The facility
  • The power management and ongoing electricity supply
  • Internet connectivity
  • Security
  • Monitoring and supervision
  • Management of your mining equipment and the entire environment

Why can we do this ? Because we have the right location in Finland where our farm is based, the right agreements, a cold climate and cheap electricity. And since we do it for ourselves, why not make it available to others as well ?

Contact Bart Smets for further details and a custom quote or fill out the contact form to get a more detailed discussion going ….
Bart Smets
Mobile: +32.497.05.22.88

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