SwissCryp is born:

22 September 2017 we had our first meeting in Andorra and the only thing we had was an idea and a burning love for Crypto Currency. The idea was born out of the numerous requests we had gotten from all sorts of people, asking if we could help them with investing in Crypto Currencies. We realized that there were a lot of people out there who wanted to be part of this exciting movement, but they had no clue how to participate in an effective or productive way, nor which crypto currencies to invest in.
After 2 days of solid brainstorming SwissCryp was born, and all those who participated in the session were eager to start and be a part of it.
Zug (Switzerland) aspires to become the Crypto Valley of the world, hence our decision to base the company there.  We not only want to be in the heart of the crypto world, but above all operate in a business environment that is consistent with our values, holding ourselves to the highest level of accountability and corporate governance.  Importantly, we also want to play an active role in the future of crypto currency’s evolving image towards an established and accepted financial vehicle for commerce.
We place our customers’ trust at the very top of our priorities, and your needs at the center of all our decisions as we build a future together for the long term.




The first mining location:

After thoroughly investigating several options for the physical location of our first mining farm, we were thrilled to find the ideal site in Finland. It was not just the location that attracted us, but also the very positive collaboration we were able to establish with the electricity company and local authorities as aiding partners in our project.


Once the location established, the next step was to conduct a meaningful POC (Proof of Concept) in this newly established mining farm so as to identify the optimal configurations and validate the business case assumptions, ensuring that we had a solid proposition to meet our clients’ expectations and ensure perenity of operations.
January 27th 2018, 4 months after our first meeting in Andorra, we had our mining environment up and running and we were able to accept orders from our early adopters. I would also like to thank these first customers for the trust they placed in us while the organization was still ramping up for the go-live.
I think this is an amazing achievement and only made possible thanks to the commitment and dedication of a great team of specialists, each with their own talent and expertise, and unflinching determination.  I would like to thank each and every one of you for making this possible.
Thanks to a lot of new client subscriptions, we have placed order for a significant expansion of our mining capability.  We’ve fine-tuned our configurations even further and are now able to mine multiple coins to suit your target portfolio.




Moving to our new website:

Placing our customers front and center of our focus, we’re working hard to give you a new generation website with state-of-the-art features and applications to make your e-experience a truly exceptional one.


One of the key features we will be bringing to you is the online access to your personal account and mining results.  We believe this to be one of your top-most requests and an essential element of our service to you.




Get your personal coupon to hand out to your friends:

Also new is our “customer get customer” incentive and hereby we are rewarding our clients who are introducing us to other interested parties.


The referring customer will get a bonus in their personal wallet based on the chosen package by the new customer. AND … the new customer will get an equivalent direct bonus on their purchase price, so we can talk about a real “win/win” situation. Every customer will have his personal promotion code connected to their account and the only thing they have to do is to provide this code to a new customer, who will then use it during the order process.
Currently, a unique coupon code needs to be request from in the event you need a coupon that your friends can use. This process will soon be automated so that every customer will have access to a coupon code for their immediate contacts. BUT FOR NOW, PLEASE SEND A MAIL TO GET YOUR COUPON CODE!




The lowest possible participation is now

We have a common interest and that is a great mining result!  Great mining results creates a lot of happy customers. To spread the opportunity and accessibility, we now offer mining packages starting at €1.250,00.


You’ve created your account but still haven’t ordered your mining pack yet?  Don’t be a hold-out!  My personal challenge is to change you from an account holder into a happy customer!! And remember in Crypto Currency TIME is NOT on your side.






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  1. wadih El haddad 8 months ago

    me interesaria saber exactamente como funciona vuestra mineria .por cada MH /S O GH7S que se puede obtener aproximadamente .mi intecnion realizar una inversion alta pero no logro encontrar respuesta a mi pregunta

    • Bart 6 months ago

      Hi Wadih El haddad,
      We would be happy to help you. Can we communicate in English please ?
      Thank you in advance.

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